In a very male dominated industry it can be extremely daunting to come and talk about your finances with a stranger. I want you to know that it is ok to open up and put it all on the table with a financial adviser, this is where the magic begins. Most people care more about their money than they do their health, so lets get your money in control and working with you.

Speaking with a female financial advisor can be beneficial for all and here’s why:

  1. We can relate to your fears. Women tend to be more risk-averse when it comes to investing and may have different priorities for their money than men. A female financial advisor will be able to understand and address these concerns in a way that a male advisor may not.
  2. We understand the unique financial challenges that women face. Women tend to earn less than men and often take time off work to have babies, care for children and or elderly relatives. This can make it harder to save for retirement and other financial dreams. A female financial advisor is likely to have a deeper understanding of these challenges and be able to provide tailored advice to assist.
  3. Financial Adviser Women are rare! Women are still underrepresented in the financial services industry, making up only 23% of financial advisors in Australia today. So if you’re looking for a female advisor, you might have to do a bit of research, but it’s worth it!
  4. The Women Conversation: planning to be single is not a pleasant conversation but currently 90% of married women will be required to manage their own finances at some point due to divorce or widowhood. Women would prefer to have this discussion (most of the time) with a female adviser. Women are shown to be better listeners and to have more empathy. Women also are explaining financial concepts in simple, plain language. Let’s be honest, financial jargon can be extremely confusing, and it can be hard to know who to trust. A female financial advisor can explain things in a way that are easy to understand and help you feel more in control of your financial situation. After all it is your money and I want you to understand it in plain English.
  5. Experience: Talking and building a relationship with a female adviser, chances are airing your dirty laundry on all your finances, the adviser has been through similar or had previous experience and can related and help you understand and navigate through the process.

I am here and ready to help you understand your values and your goals. I will provide you with advice that is unique to your situation and in a language that you can understand all in a relaxed environment. Whether you’re a young couple just starting out or have been together for a life time or a woman who’s been on her own for sometime, I’m here to help you make the most with your money.

Let’s Talk!

Thank you for your interest! I am fully booked until the new financial year but very much look forward to working with new clients. Please submit your details and I’ll reach out as soon as openings become available. I appreciate your interest and am excited to speak soon!